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Crizards: This Means War

Pleasance Dome - 10Dome


When Darkchat heard that one of our favourites, Jordan Brookes, was directing a show about one of our current favourite themes (War) then this was one show that was always going to find its way onto the schedule for this year.  So it was that we headed to Pleasance for - what was for three of us - our final show of this year’s Fringe.


Will Rowland and Eddie Hare are here to tell us the true story of Eddie’s Grandad, although they may not have checked the veracity of Grandad’s stories, they let us know in song that they are going to tell it anyway.


Deadpan Hare is ‘Private’ Grandad, on an important mission to deliver a message via a selection of sketches and songs opposite the energetic Rowland as a variety of characters.  The energy isn’t quite enough to sustain the full hour and as you get with shows like these some sketches and jokes work better than others giving us an up and down show.  There were times that it felt like the performers were enjoying themselves more than the audience and the silliness and looseness just tipped some sections over into something less entertaining that it might have been.


We didn’t quite end the Fringe on the absolute high we might have liked, but Crizards was a fun enough way to see out this year’s Edinburgh.

Crizards: This Means War is on at Pleasance Dome until August 26th

Tickets available here

Crizards: This Means War
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