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Concerned Others

Summerhall - Demonstration Room


It takes something to have been coming to the Fringe for almost two decades but still find a show that means you can genuinely say ”I’ve never seen something quite like that before” yet here we are at Summerhall and Concerned Others has done just that.  Part of the Made in Scotland showcase, Concerned Others uses the real life voices and accounts of those touched by addiction and what can follow. 

Part documentary, part projection and part modelling showcase this is all breathtaking. Scotland has the highest death rate of any country in Europe and through the clever use of the various media we are taken through the communities affected by drug use and abuse.

 It is an exceptional watch, tackling an important subject, you might not see anything else like it at the Fringe this year but if you can, you should take the time to see it.

Concerned Other is on at Summerhall throughout the festival (not 14th or 21st)

Tickets here

Concerned Others
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