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Chris Turner: Vegas, Baby!

Underbelly, Bristo Square


Here at Darkchat we have been fans of Chris Turner from  his early improvisational comedy group shows through to his solo shows. He has been absent from the United Kingdom comedy scene for some time and this show explains why. Basically, appearances on American chat shows raised his profile high enough for him to be offered a lengthy email residency in Las Vegas as part of a prestigious Cirque De Soleil show.

In recent years it has occurred to me that no matter how hard a comedian works at devising a show there are few things funnier than people's real life stories. Chris is a very likeable performer who specializes in inventing raps from a variety of topics, today which included the trial of Donald Trump, the india/ Pakistan partition amongst other lighter topics.

In itself it is a wonder to behold, but the point of the show is the story of his life in Las Vegas.I won't tell you anything about the show except that you need to go as you will be amazed and stunned about what befalls him.

This is that rare show that is extremely funny and then will stop you in your tracks.

Highly recommended.

Chris Turner: Vegas, Baby! is on at Underbelly Bristo Square until August 27th

Tickets available here

Chris Turner: Vegas, Baby!
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