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Cheekykita: An Octopus, The Universe 'n' Stuff

Laughing Horse @ The Three Sisters


The Fringe programme lists this as a “one-woman, tour de force, nonsense trip through the universe with an octopus and silly stuff”. Not wrong.  

She begins by reflecting (quite literally) upon a plastic globe of our planet and on some of the creatures that live upon and below its surfaces.  She variously inhabits a fly, a bee, a shark and an octopus and invites us to play a role in their lives with such humour and charm that made all of us in the audience only too happy to participate.  Various silly and apparently random scenes follow (including a digression into the psyche of a slice of toast and a woman being swallowed by her pants), whilst we were being questioned, more than once, if we were following the plot.

When eventually we find the octopus lost in space, we are treated to a lit wonder of the constellations and the fluid contractions of Uranus. We are left (perhaps) with a feeling of the importance of silliness in the world with an eye to being kind to it and all who dwell on it.

Catch it if you can, as she is a performer who is funny, warm and engaging, and VERY silly. 

Cheekykita: An Octopus, The Universe 'n' Stuff
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