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Charlie Vero-Martin: Picnic

Underbelly, Cowgate


We first discovered the talented Charlie Vero-Martin in 2018 when she was performing the excellent 24/7 Club, a series of comic sketches about famous women from history who share her (and Darkchatter Anne's) birthday.  This year's sketch show is loosely based on the theme of a picnic.  The audience is introduced to a range of bizarre characters, one of which will forever make me smile whenever I visit a stately home.  

After the show, some Darkchatters questioned how all the characters, such as the delightfully fashionable crabs, fitted into the picnic theme.  As my memory of childhood picnics always seemed to involve crab paste sandwiches, I certainly have no problem with that.

The conclusion of the show, was perhaps darker than we expected, given the gentle picnic theme, but performed with such glee that it was still very funny.

Charlie Vero-Martin is such a warm and engaging performer that an hour in her company is always a delight.  The audience enthusiastically joined in with the mayhem and we all emerged with smiles on our faces.  

In today's world, there should definitely be more silliness - treat yourself!

Charlie Vero-Martin: Picnic is on at Underbelly, Cowgate until August 27th

Tickets avilable here

Charlie Vero-Martin: Picnic
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