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Can't Wait to Leave

theSpace @ Surgeons Hall


Due to increased accommodation costs, I stayed a little outside of Edinburgh this year.  For the first four days, I was in Craigmillar.  It seemed silly not to do a little sightseeing, so on Friday I allowed myself a brief visit to the beautiful Craigmillar Castle.  After that I headed into the Scottish capital for my first trip to Space this Festival.  Amazingly this was my ninth show about the trials and tribulations of being a single man in the modern world.  

Ryan is 19 and moved to London to follow his brother, whilst convincing everyone that he would be applying for a job better than his existing role.  Writer and director, Stephen Leach has produced an excellent script, allowing Zach Hawkins to show his expertise in portraying his character being of depth in the English capital and in his private life, as well as portraying other people in his story.

The joy of this play is that it is a serious subject (a lot of the scenes are quite graphic) but it is also very funny.  Writing new plays is difficult and many fall at the first hurdle but here Stephen Leach avoids the possible pitfalls whilst maintaining the mood of the piece.

If you have an interest in excellent writing and acting, this is the show for you.  Recommended.

Can't Wait to Leave is on at the Space @Surgeons Hall until August 12th

Tickets available here

Can't Wait to Leave
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