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Burning Down The Horse

Pleasance Courtyard - Beneath


We’re all aware of the story of the Trojan Horse but just what went on inside whilst it was being wheeled towards the walls of Troy?Fishing 4 Chips new immersive show at Pleasance Beneath takes us inside the horse (or was it a duck or a deer?) to see just what Odysseus and his soldiers might have been up to as they approached ultimate glory/death.

The cast are all excellent (whoever cast the play has done a sterling job) with a couple of stand-out performances from Sean Wareing as Echeon and Conor Joseph as Epheus.

Maya Shimmin’s direction is clever and the cast use every inch of the the room so well, the audience interaction is also well done (and limited so don’t worry if it’s not your thing) and the whole thing rattles along at a good pace with laughs throughout.  

In 2013 Darkchat first saw ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’ a show that went on to much bigger and better things, there is a feel of that around ‘Burning Down The Horse', it’s fun, it’s silly and we loved it.  If you’re looking for something to enjoy over lunch then take yourself along to Pleasance Beneath, just don’t drink the wine!

Burning Down The Horse is on at Pleasance Courtyard (Beneath) until August 27th

Tickets available here

Burning Down The Horse
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