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Burned Out

theSpace @ Surgeons Hall


Last year we enjoyed Jake Thompson in Bloomin’ Buds Theatre’s one man show about mental health ‘A MIghty Fall From Grace’ so we were pleased to see him return with a new show (and four new cast mates) in ‘Burned Out’, a show about the life of an NHS nurse struggling to make ends meet.

The larger ensemble allows for a broader story with a few threads which inevitably cross over and come together as Becky (our nurse) navigates working through the pandemic,dealing with the closure of food banks in her community and making tough decisions to survive.  The cast are solid and will no doubt get slicker through their run, Olympia Posirca as Becky is the stand out, conveying the anger and hopelessness felt by so many people in the country at the moment. The story is a little predictable in places but moves along nicely, this is theatre with a conscience and a story that is clearly worth telling, yet surprisingly under represented at this year’s Fringe so may find it's audience, it's worthy of the attention..

For anyone who cares about our NHS, it’s staff and it’s future this show is definitely worth an hour of your time.

Burned Out is on at theSpace @ Surgeons Hall until August 19th (not 13th)

Tickets available here

Burned Out
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