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Just The Tonic at The Mash House


Having met four more Darkchatters on Waverley station I pencilled in a "free show" which I could drop if the train was delayed. Impressively, the train from York ran on schedule so I had time to head to the Mash House for "Brit-ish", a split bill two - hander revolving around being United Kingdom refugees in Denmark.

Ciara Jack hosted the first half of the show, proving herself to be an energetic and likeable performer, even at the relatively early time of twelve fifty pm. Her task was made easier by an audience, which may have been lacking in numbers but more than made up for this with a variety of interesting members, one of whom deserved her own one person show. The material wasn't particularly original but it was engaging enough for thirty minutes.

In contrast I wasn't so engaged with Ira Sylvester who seemed less confident so his set seemed more fragmented.

For what is basically a free show (you can pay to guarantee entry or donate what you want at the end) and if you want to fill an hour with gentle fun this is perfectly acceptable fare.

Brit-ish? is on at Just the Tonic at the Mash House until august 13th

Details here

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