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Boys in the Buff

C Cubed


Thirty minutes after thoroughly enjoying "Tickle" I was back in C Cubed for the second of my LAMBCO double bill, as were three of the cast. Again, this was a show that did exactly what it said on the label and there were few surprises.

Owen Dennis, Andrew Ewart, Sam Walter and David Heal are four guys who play directly to the audience explaining exactly what is about to happen. They are accompanied, assisted and cajoled by Lauren Wood as Diana whose great reveal of the show is a great singing voice.

There is no real plot here just each character explaining their view point about what is about to occur. There are some moving songs here, especially about body shapes, body shaming and self - confidence but I did feel there was a certain amount of padding to get to the big reveal and hit the hour mark.

I enjoyed the show but do feel that a little trimming (of material) which would have given a tighter show. If you only have fifty minutes of material, just run the show for fifty minutes.

Boys in the Buff is on at C Cubed until August 27th

Tickets available here

Boys in the Buff
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