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Alexis Dubus - 3 Star Show

Just The Tonic @ La Belle Angele


We have seen Alexis Dubus and his alter ego, Marcel Lucont, several times at the Fringe, and it has always been an enjoyable way to spend an hour.  Despite the show's title, this year is no exception and Darkchat can only apologise, as we have felt compelled to award this very funny show four stars, rather than three.

If any aspect of the experience deserves a lower star rating, it is the venue.  Just The Tonic at La Belle Angele is more the kind of place you would expect to see a tribute band.  There is a considerable gap between the audience and the stage, so any dialogue between performer and crowd isn't easy but Alexis is an engaging comedian who can overcome this challenge.

The show is essentially about the performer's own life and the juxtaposition of the strange world of a touring comedian with that of parenthood and marriage to someone with a 'proper' job.

If you enjoy well-crafted comedy and/or gratuitous use of dry ice, treat yourself to a guaranteed full hour in this engaging performer's company.  Darkchat recommends you get there a few minutes early, to enjoy the pre-show slides which neatly illustrate the show's theme.

Alexis Dubus: 3-Star Show is on at Just the Tonic at La Belle Angele until August 13th

Tickets available here

Alexis Dubus - 3 Star Show
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