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A Show for Gareth Richards

PBH Free Fringe @ Whistlebinkies


Earlier this year Gareth Richards was tragically killed in a car crash at a ridiculously young age. I hadn't ever seen him at the Fringe but when I learned that the comedy community were raising funds for his young family I knew that I definitely wanted to be a part of it and pencilled in a slot for Thursday afternoon.

Although my wife and I have had a running joke for years about how to pronounce Whistlebinkies we had never previously been inside. It proved to be a lovely pub with a lively atmosphere due to its ongoing line-up of free shows.

I got there early to get a good seat, this was for the best as naturally the venue was packed out by the time the compere explained the reason for the show and the fact that this is the space and the slot Gareth had been planning to use for his Edinburgh show this year. After the usual banter with the audience he brought the first act, the very funny Malinda Makuma playing a character with more interestingly named children than qualifications.

Next up was John Robins fresh, from his own show, telling stories about Gareth and when they shared an Edinburgh flat together. This was meant to be a celebration about Gareth but John was clearly emotional and made an early exit.

This left us with the headline act, Dara O Briain who literally filled the stage with his personality. His opening lines stated that he hopes this will be his only appearance at this venue, before admitting that he was on holiday and therefore had no material, before unleashing a devastating twenty minute comedy set the likes of which I cannot recall witnessing before. His routines about using Brexit material in Germany and Strictly Come Dancing will long be remembered.

I went to the show to raise money for a good cause and left having had a thoroughly good time. I highly recommend anyone reading this to do the same.

A Show for Gareth Richards is on at Whistlebinkies until August 27th

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A Show for Gareth Richards
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