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Greenside @ Infirmary Street


For our second consecutive 2 person show we head to Greenside@Infirmary Street a show that couldn’t have been any more different to the previous one at Summerhall. 2-Faces is described as a madcap comedy caper from Hassan Hope and Jasmine Dorothy Haefner.  The pair play two Interpol Agents looking who are on a case tracking down a pair of International Art Thieves.

It’s a clever idea and well directed, but the writing is looser than it ought to be in places and there is a cockney accent that would make Dick Van Dyke wince. There is an interesting use of technology although it does feel like it’s beating you over the head in an effort to help you follow the story.  This is perhaps as the show is trying to be too many things at once especially within an hour, done well it’s the kind of thing you might expect to find on a streaming service split over a few episodes.

Once you get beyond the accent, the acting is solid if unspectacular, although in defence of the performers we were there on opening night so there is always room for improvement.  There was a walkout by a couple of the audience before the show was over, it wasn’t quite that bad but I wouldn’t expect 2-Faces to be appearing on Netflix any time soon.

2-Faces is on at Greenside@Infirmary Street until August 26th

Tickets available here

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